Eskimo territory


I’ve made it to Iqaluit, in the heart of the Inuit Eskimo’s Arctic. Polar bears roam the fringes of the town and no-one travels far without a gun. They whale from canoes in the summer and are a shy people that haven’t changed in centuries. Their culture is preserved well here and the written word resembles the Egyptians script more than our own.

On the plane I sat next to a shy little Inuit lady who I scared half to death with all my rambling and excited questions. She could have been Pocohontas straight from the set of a Disney movie.

The town consists of several hundred small box-like houses and spirals of steam rising to the sky remind you it’s somewhere between –20 to –30 C outside and it’s considered ‘mild’ by the locals.

Polar guru Matty McNair met us at the airport, as did an energetic German TV crew that are filming my 3 German mates for the training course.

Tomorrow, extreme polar training starts in earnest!

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