For the love of…ICE!

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Windchill – 38C.

What an amazing turn around.  If I’m honest with myself, when I arrived here I feared the cold.  For a ‘bronzed, beach-loving Aussie’ – it’s a true slap in the face.  Today I realised I actually love this extreme environment.

Adrenalin surging and pure joy at driving the sled forward, during what ended up being quite a rough day. Wind was 44–66 km/hr on top of a base temp of –17C. The screaming wind, flurries of snow and changing light playing over the frozen world… Exposed skin begs to be covered, steely stabs warning of damage to cells from the cold. Yet despite all this – I enjoy it.

I’ve come to grips with the fact that if I am to have a chance of making it across Antartica – I must learn to thrive in this hostile environment.


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