Pink Polar Finale



Hear Dr Geoff Wilson tell of the terrifying hurdles and moments of pure joy encountered as he became the first Australian to cross the Antarctic continent solo and unassisted and in world record time. Last chance to see the Pink …

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Boobsled homecoming


Lunch of polar champs

102.9 Hot Tomato radio will tomorrow host the boobsled homecoming – listen in for details. In the meantime, I’m fattening up – chocolate yoghurt, sour worms, mango and crunchy bar – lunch of polar champions….haha..  I’ve stacked on 6 kilograms in …

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Time out….


After his stunning, record breaking crossing of Antarctica – Geoff is leaving the icy wilds of the brilliant white continent and looking forward to a bit of time with his family in Chile, before heading back to Oz. Our Pink …

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GEOFF WILSON, a Gold Coast Veterinarian with an adventurous spirit, will join with Journalist and two-time breast cancer survivor KATE CARLYLE, to promote breast awareness and raise funds for the McGrath Foundation.

The Pink Polar Expedition (November 2013) will see Geoff set out on a grueling crossing of Antarctica, one of the planet’s toughest environments. Geoff will use skis and kite power to traverse the ice, while hauling a ‘boob sled’ of supplies for the journey. Geoff is no stranger to extremes, having completed crossings of the Sahara and Simpson Deserts and also the first kite crossing of the Torres Strait.

In support of friend and former radio colleague Kate, Geoff will once again push his body to the limit. The challenges of completing this journey solo and unassisted may be as tough as some of the challenges faced by those like Kate, who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and must conquer their own solo trek.

The pair will unite to showcase an adventure that tests human capabilities and inspires human spirit.


What do an adventurer and a breast cancer survivor have in common? COURAGE.

When Geoff Wilson, a Gold Coast adventurer met Kate Carlyle a radio news director, the connection was instantaneous. Their differences are obvious; he, an explorer, driven by a desire to push to the extreme. She, a journalist, more comfortable sticking to the facts of a story.

Together, Geoff and Kate are looking to combine their experiences in this unique way, using The PINK POLAR Expedition to help the McGrath Foundation continue its valuable work in our community.


Geoff Wilson - Veterinarian and owner of 5th Element Expeditions, is a man with a passion for adventure.Geoff chooses to challenge human capabilities through mind-blowing expeditions. He has completed some spectacular missions, including crossing the Sahara and Simpson Deserts and the first kite crossing of the Torres Strait.Geoff believes it is the 5th element that creates the human; our ability to dream and visualize. It is the inner man or woman that allows us to leave the safety of our comfort zone, embark on adventures and survive.To put that belief into the context of the breast cancer patient, Geoff is certain it is the inner-adventurer that gives every sufferer the ability to fight and live every day since diagnosis and throughout taxing treatment regimes, with the optimism that they can survive.


Kate Carlyle - Journalist and Gold Coast personality, is also a two-time breast cancer survivor.At age 31, Kate discovered a lump in her breast, while self-checking in the shower. Her ‘gut feel’ saw her return to Doctors who were convinced that due to her young age, it was just ‘dense breast tissue’. Pathology revealed extensive early stage breast cancer. Thankfully, early detection meant treatment options were available. Five body and life-changing surgeries followed, including bilateral mastectomies and reconstruction. Those difficult decisions were made with confidence, statistics showed that the chance of a recurrence were less than two per cent.In January 2012, less than three years after Kate’s initial diagnosis, the unthinkable happened – she felt another lump. A second diagnosis of breast cancer brought with it another three surgeries, five months of chemotherapy and six weeks of radiotherapy. Kate’s ovaries have been removed and frozen and she is now on long-term drug therapy. Kate is living proof that knowing your body can save your life.


At its heart, The PINK POLAR Expedition supports the McGrath Foundation’s objectives to increase breast awareness in young women and raise money to place McGrath breast care nurses in communities across Australia.

The PINK POLAR Expedition is focused on bringing the true story of a young breast cancer patient to life, through the personification of Kate Carlyle. The team is committed to delivering an adventure that is authentic and real as the disease itself.


The McGrath Foundation was co-founded by Jane McGrath and her cricketing husband Glenn, after Jane’s diagnosis and initial recovery from breast cancer.

While being treated for secondary cancer in 2003, Jane had access to a breast care nurse for the first time and became aware of the tremendous impact that they can have on a patient’s physical and mental wellbeing both during and after treatment.

Jane said at the time, it was like having someone holding her hand through one of the worst nightmares of her life. Jane’s breast care nurse allowed her to be Jane McGrath – the friend, the mother and the wife. She was also someone who could give Jane informed and knowledgeable answers to the many questions she had.

As a result of this experience, Jane felt strongly that every woman experiencing breast cancer in Australia, and her family, should be able to benefit from the support of a specialist breast care nurse, no matter where she lived or her financial situation. As such one of the McGrath Foundation’s two main objectives is to raise money to fund McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities right across Australia.

The McGrath Foundation’s second objective is to educate young women to be breast aware. Jane was only 31 when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer, and she felt passionately about empowering women under 40 to take control of their health by conducting regular breast checks – early detection can mean more effective treatment.

Today, the McGrath Foundation is considered to be one of Australia’s leading breast cancer support charities, with over 25,000 Australian families supported by our 100 McGrath Breast Care Nurses. The McGrath Foundation will continue to work tirelessly to achieve Jane’s vision of a breast care nurse for every Australian woman diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia, and her family, and to ensure all young women are breast aware.

As we say at the McGrath Foundation – together, we can make a difference!


There’s a range of opportunities to support this unique, once in a lifetime event. Download our Sponsorship Info Pack here. We’d love to hear from you - Email Us:

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